Children’s Easter Art Workshop

Myself and my son took part in this workshop held at St Ives School of Painting. Our tutor, Liz, was warm and welcoming and explained the different activities for us to do in the 2 hour time slot for the morning.


Firstly we made 3D kinetic Easter eggs. Starting with some card templates the children were encouraged to cut their own shapes and decorate them before hanging them up all together.


We then made Easter cards, decorated with coloured papers and paint stamps and finally the children decorated some small polystyrene eggs.




My son is a car enthusiast and so doesnt often try anything creative but he really enjoyed this workshop and we are looking forward to doing another one together soon.

The workshop is mainly for the children but parents can stay if your child is young and may need a bit of help or reassurance. The workshops are open for children aged between 5 and 12 with a drink and a biscuit during the session. Workshops can be viewed on the schools website HERE




Kate Walters Drawing Workshop

Recently, artist Kate Walters came to do a workshop as part of my degree course, she also teaches where i volunteer in St Ives. Kate’s website says;

 ‘works in watercolour and oil are concerned with the interaction of the animal, plant and human worlds; depicting in raw and graphic immediacy a relationship that is both intimate and nurturing’

Our workshop was about drawing and for myself using different methods to what ive used before. This involved ink, branches, water colour, carbon paper and oil pastels plus also being aware of the body.

Drawing along the page whilst breathing out and not stopping until you have ran out of breath, drawing the body whilst keeping in your mind how you feel about your body or focusing on one problem area and listening to music were all part of the workshop. All these produced work that i havent done before, working in a way i had never worked before.

I really liked what i produced and i have bought some ink to use for further work.




Students Work on My Degree Course

It wont be long before the Summer Show at Cornwall College in which all arts and media students display some of their work that they have been doing this academic year. The second years of my course have just started working on their exhibition pieces.

There has now been a facebook page set up which i am helping to admin and a blog page which is for anyone who is interested in doing this degree or were a past student. 

HERE you can view some photos from our studio spaces and workshops to give you a taste of our course and what is to come at the exhibition.

Selling My Fabric, Cutting Out The Middle Man



For a while i have been selling my fabric through an online site. My first test piece, which i did purely for colour matching from screen to fabric, has proved my most popular print. Its great when i get that email to say somebody has bought my design, even if its just a sample. 

However i have been thinking about mass printing my designs and selling them myself on my own website. The reason is because i make very little commission from the sales of my designs and when i graduate and im putting all my time into new designs, the reward should be lining my pocket, not somebody elses. This money would go towards the time i spend designing, running the website, ordering new fabrics and hopefully one day running a studio away from home (where i find it is too distracting to work).

My plan would be to sell my designs by the meter much like any other site and offering different fabrics (cotton, voile, linen etc). What kind of designs would you like to see? Traditional, floral, contemporary, fashionable, i have lots of questions before starting on this venture any advice is appreciated.

Creative Updates…

IMAG1897 (1)

Its been a busy month here in Cornwall! Fortunately the storms didn’t affect my family but there was a lot of damage around.

My module based on the bed has been handed in, For this i focused on photography, lino printing, some textiles and plaster prints. I had a lot of work piling up at college but i went to collect it yesterday in my car…i passed my driving test last week!!!!!!!! (first time)

I have added lots to my website today, i still have all the lino prints to add which are now under their own tab HERE,

I’ve added two new  prints for fabric/wallpaper/decal, giftwrap, click on the Spoonflower banner to purchase HERE

Also added to the site are photos of sketchbooks of mark making and textures HERE

I didn’t add all the photography i did as there was a lot but HERE is a selection focusing on the bed

I will be adding more photos this week, in the meantime you can always follow me on instagram :)

Playing With Effects

So i have been playing with the photographs of my lino print. I was using my word, meaning emptiness, in a cold negative way (missing person/vacant/loss)  rather than thinking of a bed in a more positive way (warm, invited, bright new day) etc plus these colours definitely have that summer morning vibe that we are all wanting right now!

Im hoping to get back in the print room tomorrow to try the same print in warmer tones before making a new lino plate this week focusing on the folds of fabric and the cover being open, recently vacated. I will also be making my lino design into a plaster form, images coming soon!DIGITAL CAMERA



Lino prints- New Artwork


In my last post, Vacivity, I briefly mentioned my new uni module. Vacivity means emptiness and is a word that is going to be removed from the Oxford dictionary.

So for this module im using the empty bed as my starting point, i have done research and other bits in my sketchbook which i will share soon, im hoping to get hold of a better camera shortly. 

Last week i sat in the textile room and using a painting of my bed i drew up a design for a lino cut (a print technique, a variant of a woodcut). I then printed the design on to paper and decided to cut away more, i did this several times which means the prints i made are one off prints as i has used the same plate throughout the process. I then used fabric paint and printed onto cotton, stitching into it later on. This print didnt turn out as strong but it has more of an atmosphere.

Next i will be layering prints and colours using new lino cuts and using the designs in plaster.



The first print (1 of 3)


The second print (only 1 made)


Textile print (1 of 3)


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