Where Do I start?

Since finishing Uni i was determined to do some more sketching as i used to do it all the time, so far ive done none. I ordered lots of new art books about textiles, painting, stitch and already have lots in other subjects and so far ive done a few pages in my journal.

For a while ive fancied making a quilt for the bed or maybe a smaller version as a wall hanging, so i dragged out my fabrics and they’re not really the prints i want to use, i never bought them i won them and they dont go with the style i want. Spoonflower website is down so i cant browse or order any fabrics. i could do some designing but my heart isnt in it today and time is limited. i have a bag full of sheep wool that needs washing but im not sure what is the best way to do it.

So far ive done a big bunch of nothing, i have an empty sketchbook next to me, a wealth of information and already gained skills, i think i need a kick up the bum. im determined to do something but my get up and go has already got up and gone….

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