Ombre Top Tutorial


Now ive finished Uni for the summer ive been having a clear out of clothes and trying to update some others. As i was bleaching some denim i accidentally splashed my brown top. So i decided i may as well bleach it too! Here is what i did:

  • Empty 1 bottle of cheap bleach in to a mop bucket and add a small amount of water (my bleach was very thick)
  • Lower the top half of the tshirt into the bucket and use pegs to secure it to the bucket
  • Using a spoon add drips of bleach so that it blend a bit better rather than having a straight line of colour acrossĀ 
  • Leave in the bleach until the top has become lighter
  • Rinse in water and wash with detergent
  • Then dye the top according to the pack instructions- i used Tulip Red Dylon in the washing machine but this was dyed with 2 other items too, colour intensity can vary depending on the amount of fabric being dyed. There is still a light patch where i originally splashed the bleach and this didnt cover because i watered down the beach.

Im really pleased with the outcome, it matches a shirt and a pair of boots i have!

***My blogger friend, photomummy, has also tried bleach on a top with successful results, you can see it HERE

8 thoughts on “Ombre Top Tutorial

  1. You did that? It’s very nice! It doesn’t look at all like it began as an accident. I wonder if I have anything I can try that on.

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