New Pieces of Art

In my last post i had said i was feeling fairly stuck about what to do with myself and my sketchbook and i haven’t posted anything since. Since that post i have managed to do some work.

My son was asleep in my bed, he was poorly and i didn’t want to leave him on his own so i did a few quick sketches. Inspired by my book; Drawn To Stitch, i decided to transform my sketch into a piece of textile art:

textile bed


I took this photo off my instagram page so its not very clear but this is the start of my new sketchbook.

Ive just recently started a new job one day a week at a famous painting school in St Ives. Its very inspiring and overlooks the beach. Today i started experimenting with painting on to fabric with no idea of where it was going to take me. I’ve found the colours i’ve used remind me of St Ives and i love the outcome. i’ve decided not to stick these in my sketchbook but to frame them.


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