My First Teaching Workshop


Teaching Space

Being asked to deliver a workshop was quite scary but I knew i shouldnt turn down the opportunity. When i first went back to college i was hoping to go in to teaching although now im looking at what other options may be available after an art degree.

I delivered a two hour Peter Lanyon childrens workshop at the School of Painting. Not knowing much about Lanyon i had to do my research and my lesson plan. I had 12 children and we went for a walk up to the island in St Ives and then went back to the studio to do collage and paintings from the observational sketches of the landscape.

They children enjoyed it and i felt relieved that it ran smoothly. One of the parents left some feedback on the schools facebook page:

Thank you for the great childrens’ workshop this morning. My daughter was enthused by the work she did with you and so were we!

So i guess it was a success :)

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